About the client
Sempre is a new Italian espresso bar and in central Stockholm with a strong emphasis on premium coffee and Italian coffee culture. Staff speak Italian and the bar serves coffee, gelato and delicious Italian baked goods.
About the project
Sempre's owners bought a café originally known as Sosta and wanted to give it a new name and create a genuine, bustling Italian espresso bar atmosphere.
We began by investigating the visual cues of the great coffee houses and bars around Italy, the home of espresso. Our solution was directly inspired by what we found: the homemade lettering of the signage, the patterns from tiled kitchen floors, the ostentatious gold leaf decorations and even the attention to detail of the paper napkins and small gelato cups and spoons. We were also inspired by the founding fathers of the industry - brands such as La Pavoni and Gaggia. As Sempre was formerly called Sosta, we even helped give them a new Italian name. The result is an identity that helps transform the customer from inner-city Stockholm to a small backstreet somewhere in Italy - albeit for 15 minutes.

Sempre logotype & labels

Sempre packaging

Sempre coffee

Sempre icecream

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