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It´s all about energy! New visual identity for Skellefteå Kraft

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Skellefteå Kraft _Identities
Lilla Hjärtat _Packaging
Åbro Lättöl _Packaging
The Dictionary of Dangerous ideas _Books
Maréna Beauté _Identities, packaging
Aleris _Identities, digital, interiors
Tradera _Identities, digital
Swedish History Museum _Identities
Åbro Original _Packaging
Mateus _Identities, digital, books
Celebrate Mateus _Books
Sempre _Identities, packaging
The Shirt Factory _Identities, packaging, digital, interiors
Nova Lund _Identities, packaging, interiors
Posten _Packaging
ATG _Identities, digital, interiors
Bsmart _Identities, digital
Food by Coor _Identities, packaging, interiors
Tiger of Sweden _Identities
Global Focus _Identities
Dit näsan pekar _Books
MTG Media _Identities, digital
Rose _Packaging
Middagsfrid _Packaging
Spinalishandboken _Books
SVID Design Open _Identities, digital
Peak Performance _Identities, digital
H&M HOME _Identities, packaging
Aftonbladet _Identities
TRR _Identities, digital
Zanussi _Packaging
Studion _Identities
Åhléns _Packaging
En sak till bara… _Books
Mateus - Ceramics We Are _Books
Aleris Logotype for Aleris
Swedish History Museum Logotype for the Swedish History Museum
Skellefteå Kraft Logotype for Skellefteå Kraft
The Shirt Factory A creast made up of tailoring equipment
Tradera Logotype for Tradera
Bsmart Logotype for Bsmart
TRR Logotype for TRR Trygghetsrådet
Aftonbladet Logotype version for Aftonbladet
ATG A logo symbolizing the speed and energy of horse racing
V75 ATGs largest and most popular race
MTG Media Symbol showing the three fields of communication
Global Focus Symbol for sustainability consultant Global Focus
Nova Lund Logotype for Lunds most fashionable department store
Food by Coor Logotype for Food by Coor
Valsta Centrum Logotype for Shopping centre Valsta Centrum
Mateus meets Marcus Logotype for a ceramics brand
Hästgalan Symbol for a competition crowning the best race horses
SVID Design open Logotype for industrial design competition
Studion at Åkestam Holst Logotype for one of our sister agency
Världens största familj A symbol for Rädda Barnen
Disp Haircare Peacock symbol for a Swedish haircare brand
Rose Poultry Logotype for Rose, as of yet unpublished
Bohus Malmön Mark for the island Bohus Malmön
Karlstad Teaterförening Logotype sketch, as of yet unpublished
Sommartravet Logotype for Sommartravet, horse racing event
Peak Tennis Academy Logotype for the world´s most advanced tennis academy
Super Saver Travel Logotype for a travel search site, as of yet unpublished
Peak Performance Symbol for swedish fashion brand
Olympiatravet Logotype for Olympiatravet, horse racing event
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